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"I am so excited to begin this journey with you and bless you with what the Lord has for you through my artwork!"

With love and appreciation,

Cassandra Calhoun Sargeant





Beauty From Ashes Studio Creations is a God-given dream to bless others with Holy Spirit inspired/co-created/prophetic works of art aimed at bringing hope, healing, restoration, and encouragement to the heart and spirit of the one who commissions the work.


Each piece begins with a consultation to discuss the subject matter of the work. This can occur in person or through another form of connection (Zoom, FaceTime, a phone call, email, etc.). At this time, the focus of the piece, size of the artwork, media, and preferred time-frame to receive the completed work are discussed and decided upon, all of which determine the overall cost of the work. Regular progress reports will be provided upon request. The final piece will be shipped or delivered as arranged with the patron of the work.

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Art Supply


Due to the nature of how our works are created, only sizes of paper and canvas are available in our 'shop' with estimated pricing listed according to size. All pricing is subject to change due to the customization of each commissioned work and any changes to cost will be disclosed to the patron of the work prior to work beginning. Our 'shop' is truly the best way to get an idea of what the cost of our work may look like and is a stepping-stone to begin our partnership.


Please note: All pieces will look VERY different based on the desire of the individual commissioning the artwork. Mixed media pieces are typically 'mounted' on canvas; graphite portraiture is completed on drawing paper and can be framed or unframed. Prices are specified for both options in our 'shop'.



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